Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New TurningPoint Clicker Software

This spring, Turning Technologies released version 5.2 of their TurningPoint clicker software. This version is far more integrated and easier-to-use than previous versions and includes both TurningPoint Anywhere and PowerPoint Polling in a single, simple interface. We think you’ll find this upgrade a welcome improvement.

Transitioning to the New Software

Key steps in making a smooth transition to the new software include:
  • getting an overview of the new software via QuickStart guide, tutorials, and webinars 
  • planning to have your desktop or laptop computer upgraded to the new release 
  • being ready to use TurningPoint 5 when you use classroom computers

Here are a few points you might consider as you plan for this transition:
  • All classroom computers will be transitioned to TurningPoint version 5.2 during their periodic maintenance starting in June.
  • QuickStarts, tutorials, and webinars are available online so you can get training in the new software at your convenience. And we’re happy to assist you one-on-one as needed.
  • You can request that your desktop or laptop computer be upgraded to version 5.2 via Help Desk ticket (use Request Type “Software -> Install / Update”) or contacting the Help Desk at x7525. Alternatively, you can wait for the summer periodic maintenance of your computer and TurningPoint will be upgraded at that time. Please note that TurningPoint 5.2 for the Mac will not be available until the end of June. 
  • When you attempt to use PowerPoint files created in TurningPoint 4 on the new version 5.2 software, you will be prompted on whether you want to convert the file to TurningPoint version 5. Once you convert the file to version 5.2, it will no longer be backward compatible to older versions of TurningPoint, so we recommend you save a copy of your original file as backup. 
  • The Sakai Turning Technologies tool integration will be upgraded on June 21. Look for notices on Sakai as this upgrade approaches. After the Sakai Turning Technologies tool upgrade, you’ll need to use version 5.2 of the software if you export participant lists from Sakai and import session data from TurningPoint. See Using Sakai with TurningPoint 5 for a description of the new Sakai integration. When getting connected to Sakai from the TurnPoint software be sure to set the Server Address: to "" and login with your ePass username and password. 
  • Currently, the Mac version of the software is 5.1.1 and this version does not include PowerPoint polling and integration with the Sakai Turning Technologies tool. A new Mac version, 5.2, is expected at the end of June.
  • Please note that we don't currently support ResponseWare. Therefore, Short Answer and Numerical Response questions in PowerPoint Polling are not supported (despite their presence in the menu). Furthermore, because we only support ResponseCard RF clickers, only Multiple Choice, True/False, Demographics Assignment, and Priority Ranking questions are supported for Anywhere Polling.

Documentation and Learning Opportunities

If you’d like to get up-to-speed on the new TurningPoint 5, here are some resources to get you started immediately:

Getting Help

If you have questions or concerns contact us at for assistance. You can also get Turning Technologies technical support via