Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sakai: New Rich-Text Editor

On Friday, August 23, 2013, the Sakai Support Team will upgrade the rich-text editor which is embedded within many tools in Sakai. Such tools include Mailtool, Assignments, Announcements, Tests & Quizzes, etc.

The new rich-text editor, CKEditor v3.6.2, will replace the current editor, FCKedtior v2.6.4.1.

New features

Along with an updated look-and-feel, some minor additions, and a slew of bug fixes, the new rich-text editor will most importantly...
  • Enable automated spell-checking features inherent to the web browser in which you use Sakai.
  • Include a word count indicator located at the bottom right corner of the editor.
  • Support the pasting of rich-text copied from MS Word without needing to use a specific “Paste from Word” button through which extraneous formatting data from MS Word is stripped out. 
  • Include a Show Blocks feature () which is especially useful for identifying and removing unwanted blocks of whitespace that may appear in your pasted rich-text when copied from some other source like MS Word, Google Docs, etc. The following figure depicts an example where the ‘Show Blocks’ button is enabled.

Documentation and Getting Help

The CKEditor Quick Start should enable you to get up to speed on using this new rich-text editor once it's released. If you have questions, concerns, or requests for assistance, please contact us at sakai@plu.edu.