Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer 2013 Classroom Technology Enhancements

Mary Baker Russell Center 116
upgraded with Smart Board technology
Summer 2013 was a busy one for Instructional Technologies staff Travis Pagel, Patrick Wakefield, and student workers as they enhanced classroom technology in six classrooms and began a new computer projector and screen replacement cycle.

Smart Classroom Technology Upgrades

Six classrooms received media podiums and new control equipment to control the projector: 
New podium and projector
in Mary Baker Russell 334 
  • Hauge Administration 216
  • Ingram 109 and 115B  
  • Mary Baker Russell Center 116 and 334  
  • Ramstad 204 
These new podiums enable Instructional Technologies staff to monitor the condition of the projector, schedule the projector to power down in the evenings, and use less energy by shutting of non-essential equipment when the rooms are not in use.  

Projector and Screen Replacement Cycle

Last fiscal year (FY13) Instructional Technologies began a projector and screen replacement cycle with a goal of replacing the oldest projectors that were beginning to experience yellowing at the edges. This process was started in Morken Center where the projectors were eight years old. At the same time, the new projectors were converted from a 4:3 aspect ratio (width= 4 units, height = 3 units) to the newer 16:9 high definition (HD) formats. This summer fifteen projectors and screens were replaced in Hauge Administration 200, 202, 204A, 204B, 208, 209, 210, 212, 214, 215, 216, 217, 219, and 221 and Rieke Science Ceter 109.   

New wide-screen projectors and screens (Administration 200)

Planned Classroom Technology Enhancements for Fiscal Year 14

Five classrooms have been funded by the Central Equipment Fund to receive new media podiums and control equipment this fiscal year (FY14) :  
  • Mary Baker Russell Center 322 
  • Olson 104 
  • Ramstad 202 
  • Rieke Science Center 220 
  • Xavier 250 
Upgrades to these classrooms will be scheduled as classroom downtime windows permit.